Curriculum Vitae

Catrin Andersson

Born in Helsingborg, Sweden, 1974. Lives and works in Jädraås/Stockholm, Sweden.



Just like nature itself, Catrin Andersson's art consists of a visual surface with a substantial underlying depth of diverse material filled with history and processes. A surface changed over time, a frozen moment in an ever-changing process: Andersson digs in the layers of history much like an archaeologist and examines developments in the crusts of earth like a geologist. She uses information from scientific studies and presents her research and aestheticizes surveys with different material. The result is beautiful, powerful and mysterious. To penetrate the visual exterior of Andersson's art calls for scrutiny of process and material, just as science is needed to understand how the workings of nature and its temporal changes.

Ýrr Jónasdóttir, Director of Ystads konstmuseum



2009/2010 YTANS MATERIALITET, HDK, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

1999-2002 BA Honors in Visual Communication, Photography, Edinburgh College of Art and Design, Edinburgh.

2001 Media Art Program at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver. Canada

1998 Term studies at Gerlesborgskolan in Bohuslan. Gerlesborg. Bohuslan, Sweden

1995-1997 2-years Foundation course in Art at Gotland School of Art, Visby, Sweden


Solo exhibitions

2015 CREEP BEHAVIOUR, ELASTIC Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden >>

2012 NEW LIGHTS, Tjörnedala Konsthall, Simrishamn, Sweden

2011 NEW LIGHTS, ELASTIC Gallery, Malmö, Sweden

2010 CCA Andratx, Studio ROJO, Andratx Mallorca, Spain

2010 BEYOND THE HORIZON, Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Norway

08/09 LINE, Radisson Polar Hotel, Longyearbyn, KunstPause, Svalbard, Norway

2008 WALK THE LINE, Galleri Spegeln, Malmö, Sweden

2008 BLANK, Krognoshuset, Konstföreningen AURA, Lund, Sweden

2007 FAILING FADING, Galleri S:t Gertrud, Fotografi i Fokus - Photography Biennale, Malmö, Sweden

2006 HEAVEN and HAIL, Galleri Pictura, Lund, Sweden

2005 Scenarios of the Suture, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Akiyoshidai, Japan

2004 PROSPEKT, Galleri Format, photography, Malmö, Sweden


Group exhibitions

2017 SAMLINGSUTSTÄLLNING, Sandvikens konsthall, Sandviken, Sweden

2017 ÖPPEN INVENTERING, Jädraås Art, Jädraås, Sweden

2017 BIOTOP, Biologiska Museet, Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 Zsona MACO 2017, Mexico city, Mexico

2017 SKISSERNAS MUSEUM, Svenska salen, Lund

2016 VAGNSVERKSTADEN,Varvsstaden, Elastic, Malmö

2016 IN A SPLIT SECOND, Gallery Gjutars, Vaantaa, Finland

2016 And 'in' with a Stranger, Llantarnam Grange Art Center, Wales. UK. Curated by Aidan Moesby. >>

2015 TERRA INCOGNITA, Galleri Krets, Malmö, Sweden

2015 LAND (EXCLAMATION) MARKS, WIP Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 ZONA MACO 2015, CENTRO BANAMEX, Mexico city, Mexico

2014 ELASTIC - A Group Show, ELASTIC Gallery, Stockholm

2013 Andratx on Paper, CCA, Centre of Contemporary Art, Andratx, Spain >>

2012 HORIZONIC - Unfolding Space through Sound Art. Les Boréales Festival, Caen, France >>

2012 NATURE PROOF - SIM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

2012 HORIZONIC - Unfolding Space through Sound Art. Ystads konstmuseum, Sweden >>

2012 CLOUDS/MOLN. Museum of Sketches, Lund, Sweden. >>

2012 31 Women in Art Photography, Hasted Kraeutler, Chelsea. Organized by Humble Art Foundation, NYC >>

2012 Armory Focus: The Nordic Countries. The Armory Show 2012. NYC >>

2012 HORIZONIC - Unfolding Space through Sound Art. LÁ Art Museum, Hveragerdi, Island. Organized by ARTnord. >>

2012 CCA Collection 2001- 2011. CCA Andratx, Spain >>

2011 MED NÄSAN MOT ISKANTEN - commission proposal on display at Museum of Sketches, Lund. Sweden

2011 SAK – 2011, a selection of 54 swedish contemporary artists, Sven-Harrys (Art Museum), Sweden >>

2011 ARTISSIMA 2011, Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea. Italy >>

2011 TILL HAVS, Varberg Konsthall, Sweden

2010 SOUNDGATE - On-site sound streaming exhibition at Kunsten, Utzon Centre and Platform 4. Aalborg, DK >>

2010 MARKET - The Nordic fair for contemporary art. Konstakademien, Stockholm. Sweden

2009 THIS IS THE SCORE part ll. ELASTIC, Malmö. Sweden

2009 ARKIV - 105 års samlande. Skånes konstförening 1904-2009. Skånes konstförening, Malmö. Sweden

2009 SNAP TO GRID, Los Angeles Center For Digital Art - LACDA. Los Angeles. USA

2009 MARKET, Stockholm, Sweden

2008 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO THERE`S NO LIMIT, Signal, Malmö, Sweden

2008 UNKNOWN LAND, ELASTIC, Sweden. Curator: Anna Johansson

2008 “Tracing love 24/7”. Magacine Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2008 MACO Art fair, with ELASTIC, Mexico City, Mexico

2007 ...WHERESDOPWERGOEFROMEHERE, group exhibition with SPREE at Botnik Studio, Gerlesborg, Sweden

2006 BAMBOO WORKOUT, Lilith by Night Deluxe at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

2006 BAMBOO WORKOUT, Lilith by Night, performance event by Teater Lilith, Malmö, Sweden

2005 STAGE, video piece, Lilith by Night, performance event by Teater Lilith, Malmö, Sweden

2005 JUST SKY, PUBLIKATION (pages) First edition, Lund Konsthall, Sweden

2004 FIRST STOP-SPREE, CirkulationsCentalen, Malmö, Sweden

2004 STAGE, Gallerinatts NATTEN, CC, Malmö, Sweden


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2015 Kiruna/LKAB, Research trip. Nov.

2014 Haparanda/Torneå/Tornio, Torne river. Research trip. STILL RESOLUTION. April/May

2012 SIM Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland. International residency located in Reykjavík and run by SÍM. Oct.

2010 CCA Andratx Art Centre - Artist-in-residence program of CCA Andratx Art Centre in 2010, Mallorca. Aug.

2010 The Art Center, Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Artist in Residency, Svalbard, Norway. May

2010 The Art Center, Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Artist in Residency, Svalbard, Norway. Feb.

2008 The Art Center, Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Artist in Residency, Svalbard, Norway. Nov.

2007 A WEEK IN THE SUN - Botnik Studios Bohuslän, Sweden. Aug.

2005 TRANS 2004-2005 - Akioshidai International Art Village, Akiyoshidai, Japan with support from IASPIS. Jan-April.



2017 Mittuniversitetet, Sundsvall. Swedish Art Council.

2017 ALIGNMENT, Nya Lögarängsbadet, Västerås, Sweden. (Ongoing)

2017 HAVSBAND, Artplatform, Sweden (Ongoing)

2017 FLOW, Framtidens Akademiska Sjukhus, Friskluftstorn, Uppsala County Council, Sweden. (Ongoing)

2016 VARA VATTEN, Sala County Council, Sweden.

2016 LOST AND FOUND, Parkskolan, Kristianstad, Sweden.

2015 Commission proposal, DIVERSA STRATA, Lillsjöplan, Jönköping County Council, Sweden.

2014 EARTHSTAR - Johannelund park area, Stockholm. In collaboration with Stockholm konst och Stockholm Stad.

2013 Commission proposal, SOM FLODER I ETT HAV, Academic Mall, New Karolinska Solna, Stockholm.

2012 Commission proposal - TIME PIECE, hanging brass piece in lightshaft at New Karolinska, Solna, Stockholm County Council.

2012 RED SKY AT NIGHT, SAILOR`S DELIGHT - Interior walls in residential building, Helsingborg, Konstnärscentrum Syd, Helsingborgshem.

2011 DÄR ALLA FÄRGER HAR SITT URSPRUNG (eng. From Which All Colors Spring) - The University Hospital, Lund, SUS, Sweden Region Skåne.

2010 MED NÄSAN MOT ISKANTEN (eng. With your nose against the edge of the ice) - Winning proposal for ”Konst i Världsarvet Höga Kusten”.


Uppsala County Council, Sweden


Stockholm County Council, New Karolinska Solna, Sweden

Gävleborg County Council, Sweden



SAK – Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening, Sweden >>

CCA, Centre of Contemporary Art, Andratx, Spain >>


The National Public Art Council, Sweden >>

General Atlantic Collection, New York, USA

The Drawing Center, New York, USA >>

NORDEA Kunstforening, Denmark


Aanwinstenlijst Bibliotheek, The Netherlands

Akioshidai International Art Village, Akiyoshidai, Japan >>

Galleri Svalbard, Svalbard, Norway

LARM´s Archive, Sweden >>

Lundensia, University of Lund Art Association, Sweden >>

City of Lund, Sweden

Region Skåne, Sweden

Private collections in UK, USA, Sweden, Norway, Guatemala, Canada.



2016 And 'in' with a Stranger, exhibition catalogue, Llantarnam Grange Art Center, Wales. UK. Curated by Aidan Moesby. >>

2015 Stockholm konst - Konstprojekt 2015. Johannelundstoppen; EARTH STAR.

2015 TERRA INCOGNITA, exhibition catalogue, Woodpecker Projects and Galleri Krets, Malmö.

2012 Swedish Art Council – Catalog No. 41.

2012 ARTnord Magazine No 11.

2011 Den Nordiske Malebog - Participating in book project Den Nordiske Malebog in collaboration with Here & Away

2010 BEYOND THE HORIZON - exhibition catalogue

2009 TRAILS - 10 year anniversary catalogue for Artist in Residency at Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Japan

2008 Monograph “Tracing love 24/7”. Cultural Centre DEVE. Belgrade, Serbia

2007 Fotografi i Fokus 2007. Photography biennale - catalogue.

2007 Facit (A story of a rise and fall and answers to all dreams between). Edition: Unique.

2007 SPREE - First Stop, exhibition booklet.

2005 Skånska Fotografer 1845-2005, Malmö Museer. Edition: 3000

2005 Artist book: JUST SKY, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Japan-04. Edition: 500

2004 Artist book: VIEWPOINT, photography, illustrations, text. Edition: 1

2002 Artist book: URBAN JUNCTION, photography, illustrations, text.

2002 Proto Academy magazine PA System, Urban Junction-project, 2002



2017 Konstverk i taket på nya Lögarängen - vajrar ovanför hela bassängytan. VLT >>

2016 Glaskonstverk ska pryda Stadspark, Sala Allehanda >>

2016 Vara vatten - Sala stadspak, Sala kommun >>



2014 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, 2 - years work grant.

2013 Malmö Stad Ateljéstipendium

2012 Gunnar and Lilly Persson's Art scholarship 2012, Ystad Art Museum, Sweden

2012 IASPIS - International exchange/exhibition grant.

2012 Kulturkontakt Nord (KKN)

2011 Malmö Stad Ateljestipendium.

2010 Helge Ax:son Johnson Stiftelse

2010 Kulturkontakt Nord (KKN)

2010 IASPIS - International exchange/exhibition grant.

2009 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, 2 - years work grant.

2009 Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden

2008 Kulturkontakt Nord (KKN)

2008 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, project grant.

2008 Malmö Stad Ateljestipendium.

2006 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, 1- year work grant.

2005 Aase och Richard Björklunds fund, Malmö Museer.

2004 IASPIS - Cultural exchange program. Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Akiyoshidai, Japan

2002 Andrew Grant Bequest/The Helen A. Rose Bequest for distinguished work at the Degree Show Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland



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